FAZIOLI 法吉歐利鋼琴—琴峰樂器台灣總代理




  • 由世界著名的建築師諾曼 · 福斯特(Norman Foster)設計,鋼琴內部及響板完全地以黑色烤漆,支撐鐵骨則以銀色烤漆,其他零件則鍍上鉻,創造出這別具一格的F228鋼琴。鋼琴名字源自於其獨特的銀色琴框。
    The inside of this instrument, including the soundboard, is entirely lacquered in black high-gloss polyester. The iron frame is finished in silver and all the metallic components are chrome-plated. These features combine to create an unusual F228 piano, conceived by the world-famous architect Norman Foster.This model has been named "Silver" because of the impact created by its silver iron frame.