FAZIOLI 法吉歐利鋼琴—琴峰樂器台灣總代理




  • 這台 Aria 在2016年的法蘭克福音樂博覽會中首度亮相。設計師 Philippe Gendre 設計理念在於振翅高飛的小鳥,任何角度的不對稱形式也造成了「亂中有序」的美感。這台鋼琴適合擺放於各種雄偉氣派的場合,自然融入遊艇、船隻、宮殿、酒店和演奏廳
    Aria is all about the music, with a dual vocation: it decorates majestic, prestigious venues, being naturally suited to yachts, boats, palaces, hotels and concert halls. The original visual idea is inspired by a symbolic figure: a bird opening up its left wing, keeping its right wing close to its body, just before taking off in full flight. The sense of lightness in the flight is increased by the intense dark blue colour and the vivid silver of the aluminium.